Yesterday, Today & Forever God Is Good 1 E.P

“Yesterday, Today & Forever God Is Good” is Melbourne based rapper Farai Katiyo ‘s debut E.P. It’s the perfect blend of chilled graceful beats and hard hitting, spine tingling lyrical content. Farai sheds light on different topics that are affecting young people in today ‘s society. He opens the project with the feel-good track “shoes off” that talks about everyday issues such as paying bills. Farai Katiyo then addresses a few elephants in the room such as homosexuality, child abuse, domestic violence, self-esteem on “by your side” and “oceans”. We are also reminded of the need to connect with our purpose in “Glory”. Overall the project is beautiful and full of inspirational songs that you can play when you are in a reflective mood or even when you need some motivation.


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